Situational Awareness Educational Forum


CLESF announces another community educational forum on October 22, 2022 at the Camano Island Multi-Purpose Building 141 N. East Camano Drive, beginning at 2:30 pm. The Forum is FREE.

Seating may be limited - persons wishing to attend are encouraged to register at the CLESF web site link shown below.

This forum is relevant to everyone, seniors, students, women and men. Learn how to keep yourself and family members out of “sticky” situations, develop “muscle memory,” be able to identify potentially dangerous situations, minimize your reaction time, particularly in the internet age. Attend and refresh your skills on situational awareness. Come and learn from Dawn.

Dawn Mettler began developing the Situation Awareness Seminars after joining “Damsel in Defense” in 2017. She fell in love with their mission statement: “empower, educate & equip.” Each one of these three E’s concepts assisted with a worthwhile model for safety that she wanted to share with people in the community. She has been presenting the educational seminar since 2018 to such groups as the Camano Senior Center, Hope Unlimited, the American Association of University Women, and various other organizations that have asked for a safety awareness program. Her approach of the (OODA Loop) techniques presented in this seminar could be applied and used in everyday life not by just women but by most anyone. Her goal is that if women learn one new way to stay safe through using some of these techniques, Dawn says she has accomplished her goal of ‘personal safety for women’.

The CLESF mission is to support programs and activities of the Island County Sheriff’s Department and State Park Rangers on Camano Island. Additionally, the Foundation assists and promotes the education of Camano Island residents in public safety and programs that help law enforcement on Camano Island. The Foundation, a 501(c)3 IRS approved non-profit organization, operates as a non-partisan organization for the benefit of all the citizens of Camano Island.

While CLESF always accepts monetary contributions and donations, the biggest need is for the time and energy of likeminded people to support the Foundation’s work as volunteers/members.

Seating is limited, we recommend you register online at  Admission is FREE.