Firearm Safety

Firearm Safety

CLESF offers FREE firearms training appropriate for first time firearms owners or those thinking about purchasing a firearm, or a good reminder for those who own a firearm and for parents who wish to discuss firearms with their children.

Owning and using a firearm comes with significant responsibilities. The State of Washington enacted legislation requiring certain buyers of firearms to complete a firearms safety training program prior to purchasing a firearm. The training offered by CLESF meets the requirements of the legislation.

Equally important, suicide is the second most common cause of death among teen agers. The use of a firearm is a common means of teenage suicide. The training is a useful discussion guide for parents in talking with their children. This training bridges the gap between no training and in-person training, which is encouraged. The training satisfies the Washington State RCW 9.41.090 requirements from I-1639.

There is no cost for this firearms training.

If you wish to participate in the free online training, contact:

by email including your full name and email address. In about five business days, you will receive registration information for the training. Please follow the instructions to register for the training. The class will take about thirty minutes to complete. Following the class, you will be asked to take an exam to test what you learned. You must pass with 100% to complete the course and print your certificate of completion.

CLESF recommends complementary firearms safety training at

Safe Insight provides a series of FREE video training covering the safe use of firearms, the proper selection of ammunition and more.