About Us

The Camano Law Enforcement Support Foundation (CLESF) was founded in 2011 as a non-profit charitable organization. The CLESF mission is to support programs and activities of the Island County Sheriff’s Office and State Park Rangers on Camano Island. It also assists and promotes the education of citizens of Camano Island in public safety and programs that help the Camano Precinct of the Island County Sheriff’s office as well as the State Park Rangers as law enforcement officers.


The Foundation financially assists Camano Deputies and Park Rangers due to their budgetary constraints of either not funded or underfunded, and the many volunteers of the Sheriff’s Citizen Patrol which perform vacation house checks, business and church security checks, finger printing Camano citizens and courier transport to and from Coupeville.


  1.  Gun safe for the Camano Sheriff's Precinct office.
  2. An outside storage container for garbage cans and small item storage for Precinct office
  3. Assumed the purchasing of uniforms for the Camano Citizen Patrol volunteers from the Sheriff's office.
  4. Misc. items for the Citizen Patrol vehicle, including flashlights, warning light, G.P.S. unit, cellphone holster.
  5. Portable radar speed indicator, (radar unit) for the Park Rangers in 2012, ($3,500).
  6. Radar trailer for the Camano Sheriff Precinct in 2014, ($5,700).  This unit is deployed by volunteers to place on public and private streets through out the Island.
  7. Two portable police radios, one as a backup for the Sheriff Precinct and the other for the Camano State Park Rangers.
  8. A protective "bullet proof vest" for the Camano Sheriff's Volunteer Chaplain.  The Chaplain often rides with deputies and wears the same work uniform.
  9. A  metal detector for the deputies and park rangers in 2015.
  10. Purchase 4 "trail cameras" for deputies and park rangers for investigations including trash dumping and theft.
  11. State approved breathalyzer for Park Rangers.
  12. Christmas "Shop with a Cop" program.  In 2017 provided $200 each for seven elementary students who participated with a deputy.
  13. C.L.E.S.F. sponsored four free basic hand gun safety classes as well as self-defense classes for women.  There will be more classes in the future.
  14. Safety Vests to support the "Be Visible - Be Safe" program.  83 purchased to date.
  15. Cellphone holster for SCP 740 patrol vehicle.
  16. Viking booster kit, (jump starting vehicles), for SCP 740.

If you are interested in joining the C.L.E.S.F. membership applications can be found in the "Forms" section of this website.